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Universal Higher Power is unfathomable (Athah-ਅਥਾਹ), which cannot be defined because It applies to every thing and can not be measured (Atula/Atolak-ਅਤੁਲ/ਅਤੋਲਕ). You cannot define something in terms of itself. It is an absolute Principle, which cannot be anthropomorphized being Infinite and thus cannot be squeezed in to a finite human body. Creation is a single whole unfolding process brought in to being by the Word. Principle and process are inseparable. Guru Nanak addresses God in Raag Bilawal as;
ਅਗਮ ਅਗੋਚਰ ਅਲਖ ਅਪਾਰਾ ਚਿੰਤਾ ਕਰਹੁ ਹਮਾਰੀ
Agam Agochar Alakh Apaaraa Chintaa Karoh Hamaaree.

O God, inaccessible, unfathomable, invisible and infinite: please, take care of me!-----Guru Nanak, Raag Bilawal, AGGS, Page, 795-11


According to Sabd Guru God cannot be fathomed. There is no absolute proof of the presence of The Absolute, Infinite (Apaar-ਅਪਾਰ) God, henceforth the development of various faiths and religions trying to sell their faith. Its subtle essence cannot be obtained by any one. Those who fathom God cannot behold It and those who behold God cannot fathom It. God does not have a gender so He/She could not be used to address God. Sikh Gurus, Bhagats, Bards in AGGS have used the words of Agochar (ਅਗੋਚਰ), Agaadh (ਅਗਾਧ), Athaha (ਅਥਾਹ), Atul/ Atolak (ਅਤੁਲ/ਅਤੋਲਕ), and Agam (ਅਗਮੁ) to express Its Unfathomable nature.

It is of utmost importance to have a correct intellectual conception by the individual of the “Supreme”, for illogical and erroneous conception are capable of misleading and keeping in dark people who otherwise by their intuitions would be on the right track. One should keep an open mind and keep the prejudices aside, because prejudiced people see only what fits those prejudices. The false conception of the Lord is responsible for the ignorance as stated by Guru Nanak in his Japji;

ਅਸੰਖ ਮੂਰਖ ਅੰਧ ਘੋਰ
Asankh Moorkh Andh Ghor.

Countless fools, blinded by ignorance.-----Guru Nanak, Japji, AGGS, Page, 4-3

There are hundreds hymns explaining the Unfathomable nature of the “Supreme Higher Power” contained in AGGS. Here are some examples;
ਦਰਸਨਿ ਰੂਪਿ ਅਥਾਹ ਵਿਰਲੇ ਪਾਈਅਹਿ
Darsan Roop Athaah Virlay Paaee-aah.

Few can obtain sight of the Unfathomable Being.-----Guru Angad, Raag Majh Ki Vaar, AGGS, Page, 146-4 
ਅਗਮੁ ਅਗੋਚਰੁ ਅਤਿ ਵਡਾ ਅਤੁਲੁ ਨ ਤੁਲਿਆ ਜਾਇ
Agam Agochar Ut Vadaa Atul Na Tuliaa Jaaey.

God is inaccessible, Unfathomable, very great, and unweighable.-----Guru Amar Das, Raag Bihagrha Ki Var, AGGS, Page, 555-11

ਤੁਮ ਹਰਿ ਸਰਵਰ ਅਤਿ ਅਗਾਹ ਹਮ ਲਹਿ ਨ ਸਕਹਿ ਅੰਤੁ ਮਾਤੀ
Tum Har Sarvar Ut Agaah Ham Leh Na Sakeh Unt Maatee.

You, The God, are the deepest, most Unfathomable Ocean; I cannot find even a trace of Your limits.-----Guru Ram Das, Raag Dhanasari, AGGS, Page, 668-4

ਅਗਮ ਅਗੋਚਰੁ ਬੇਅੰਤ ਅਤੋਲਾ ਹੈ ਨਾਹੀ ਕਿਛੁ ਆਹਾੜਾ
Agam Agochar Bayunt Atolaa Hai Naahee Kichh Aahaarhaa.

God is inaccessible, Unfathomable, infinite, unweighable, and cannot be measured.-----Guru Arjan, Raag Maru Sohlay, AGGS, Page, 1081-16

One, who sees the Eternal (ਸਰਬ ਵਿਆਪਕ) existing alike in imperishable and perishable things, sees indeed. So God is everywhere (ਅਪਾਰ), in every atom of the visible and invisible Cosmos as a Power of evolution and involution. Thus the Universe itself is unfolding out of its own essence beyond the reach of our limited senses. It is a waste of time in arguing with people who do not want to be convinced or ridicule everything, which is new to their limited outlook. The message is for those, who want to know and are seeking something that will solve their doubts (duality) and remove their difficulties with God’s support by praying to as conveyed by Guru Arjan in Raag Asa;

ਕਿਛੂ ਜਾਨਾ ਮਤਿ ਮੇਰੀ ਥੋਰੀ
ਬਿਨਵਤਿ ਨਾਨਕ ਓਟ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਤੋਰੀ
Kichoo Na Jana Mat Mayree Thoree, Binvat Nanak Oatt Prabh Toree.
I know nothing, and my intellect is inadequate. Prays Nanak, O God, You are my only Support.-----Guru Arjan, Raag Asa, AGGS, Page, 388-3
ਥਥਾ ਅਥਾਹ ਥਾਹ ਨਹੀ ਪਾਵਾ
ਓਹੁ ਅਥਾਹ ਇਹੁ ਥਿਰੁ ਨ ਰਹਾਵਾ
 Thathā athāh thāh nahī pāva.,Oh athāh ih thir na rahāvā.

T'HAT'HA: God is Unfathomable; Its depths cannot be fathomed and the human body is impermanent, and unstable.-----Kabir, Raag Gauri Poorbi Bawan Akhree, AGGS, Page, 341-11

ਲੋਗਾ ਭਰਮਿ ਨ ਭੂਲਹੁ ਭਾਈ
ਖਾਲਿਕੁ ਖਲਕ ਖਲਕ ਮਹਿ ਖਾਲਿਕੁ ਪੂਰਿ ਰਹਿਓ ਸ੍ਰਬ ਠਾਂਈ
Logaa Bharam Na Bhooloh Bhaa-ee, Khalik Khalk Khalk Meh Khalik Poor Rehiou Sarb Than-ee.

O people, O Siblings of Destiny, do not wander deluded by doubt. The Creation is in the Creator, and the Creator is in the Creation, totally pervading and permeating all places.-----Kabir, Raag Parbhati Bhibhas, AGGS, Page, 1350
ਅਟਲੁ ਅਥਾਹੁ ਅਤੋਲੁ ਤੂ ਤੇਰਾ ਅੰਤੁ ਨ ਪਾਰਾਵਾਰਿਆ
ਜਿਨ੍ਹ੍ਹੀ ਤੂੰ ਸੇਵਿਆ ਭਾਉ ਕਰਿ ਸੇ ਤੁਧੁ ਪਾਰਿ ਉਤਾਰਿਆ
Atal athāhu aṯol ṯū ṯėrā anṯ na pārāvāri­ā.Jinĥī ṯūʼn sėvi­ā bẖā­o kar sė ṯuḏẖ pār uṯāri­ā.

You are unchanging, Unfathomable and immeasurable; You have no end or limitation. Those who serve You with love - You carry them across.-----Rai Balwand Thattha Satai Doom Aakhi , Vaar Raag Ramkali, AGGS, Page, 968-10

ਪਰਵਦਗਾਰ ਅਪਾਰ ਅਗਮ ਬੇਅੰਤ ਤੂ
ਜਿਨਾ ਪਛਾਤਾ ਸਚੁ ਚੁੰਮਾ ਪੈਰ ਮੂੰ
Parvarḏagār apār agam bė­anṯ ṯū., Jinā pacẖẖāṯā sacẖ cẖummā pair mūʼn.

O, God, Sustainer and Cherisher, You are infinite, unfathomable and endless. Those who recognize It - I kiss their feet.-----Sheikh Farid, Raag Asa, AGGS, Page, 488-10

The Eternal is the source of everlasting life, power, and wisdom through its manifestations in the world. Some call him hypothetical personal Creator-- to whom they petition—for the fulfillment of personal questionable desires. This Eternal power teaches that right action is the truest supplication for the benefit desired. The present age is learning to apply scientific method to find that truth about the Eternal Wisdom.
All faiths and even individuals have a different way to look at that power with different names. One's personal concept of a Higher Power/God arrives through his/her personal spiritual experience or through brain washing at an early age by their religious teacher. To reach a compromise from a hateful discussion in the world one should be left to believe as he/she wish to believe in the God/Higher Power of his/her understanding as a first step. Every one is urged to explore whatever beliefs they may have in a Higher Power. There should be no religious requirements or beliefs necessary for believing in it. Some of us either lost our spirituality or never had any spiritual beliefs and it does not hurt to be open-minded. Second thing in heading towards spirituality is great unconditional absolute renunciation of the self, in thought and action. But as it is, we are undisciplined and with lack self control and poise our senses and desires lead us astray.

Spiritual eye awakening comes to him, who sacrifices his personal life to the great cause of compassion, and who purifies his heart from all the dross of passions and frees his mind from all delusions of vanity and prejudice. It enables us to discern our right path in life and to discriminate true from false.

Higher Power is the voice of Divine in man or it is the teaching of men who have progressed spiritually and their mind has become one with the higher consciousness of the God with in. Man is a temple of God and all religions in varying degrees ministered to the moral and spiritual progress of mankind.

The Divine transcendence (to surpass metaphysically beyond human knowledge) and the Divine immanence (Present every where) are two great complementing conceptions of life. The ancient pagan Greek philosopher Plato said that the highest power was the Good Itself, that transcendent principle by whose light we could tell the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate.  God is, (Truth Itself), which is why people can't get this notion until they get honest with themselves. A true and clear perception of the purpose of life is most essential towards realizing that purpose.

It is also of great importance to know ourselves, what we were and how we have become what we are and to know the various principles of our constitution that we may work intelligently towards progressing spiritually of our being. God accepts any person who fears It and work righteousness. The negative attitude is the neglect of the higher nature of man and become subservient to the lower or selfishness. Materialistic mind might very soon degrade the spiritual to the carnal.

The duality of the material world is felt in terms of misery and happiness. These signs are only visible when one is fully educated in transcendental knowledge. All living entities are born in to delusion bewildered by dualities arisen from desire and hate. In the minds of those who are attached to the sense of enjoyment and material opulence, the resolute determination for devotional service does not take place.

Hatred cease not any time by hatred, hatred cease by love. This is an Eternal Law. The descent of the spirit in to the matter is the fall of man. There is also sacrifice of the lower self as it dies to its desires and passions and rises to the higher life of spirit. The object of all this is to return the human Spirit by absorbing in to the Immortal Spirit of Divine by raising the lower nature to higher virtues. It will have transcended in the flame of true love. Spiritual wisdom is dying daily and being dead in to the sin but alive to righteousness through the Word i.e. being dead while alive.

ਗੁਰ ਕੈ ਸਬਦਿ ਜੀਵਤੁ ਮਰੈ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਵਸੈ ਮਨਿ ਆਇ
Gur kai sabḏ jīvaṯ marai har nām vasai man ā­ė.

Through the Word of the Guru's Sabd, remain dead while alive, and the Name of the God shall come to dwell within the mind.    -----Guru Amar Das, Siri Raag, AGGS, Page, 33-8

Throughout all ages, the most profound impulse of the human spirit has been the longing for perfect love, understanding, joy, and completeness – for Truth itself. It is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.
Then alone the man is known as true, if the truth were in his heart. “Not mine but Thine Will (Bhana) be accepted with willingness, honesty and an open mind”

ਜੋ ਤਿਸੁ ਭਾਵੈ ਸੋ ਥੀਆ
ਸਦਾ ਸਦਾ ਹਰਿ ਕੀ ਸਰਣਾਈ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਬਿਨੁ ਨਾਹੀ ਆਨ ਬੀਆ
Jo ṯis bẖāvai so thī­ā, Saḏā saḏā har kī sarṇā­ī parabẖ bin nāhī ān bī­ā.

Whatever pleases to God happens. Forever and ever, I seek God’s Sanctuary. There is none other than God.-----Guru Arjan, Raag Ramkali, AGGS, Page, 900-7

The forces and qualities of Mother Nature are not blind and unintelligent they may appear so when viewed by our physical senses but in the depth of the thought they are alive and conscious. It is not irreverent to say that God acts through some form of energy or force (heat/electricity/magnetic/some form of waves). In history at one time people were persecuted for making scientific discoveries, which are now widely accepted.
God is a sum of metaphysical forces higher than the real Self. The Higher Self is far higher than ordinary conception of God, which is limited by the imperfections of mind that imagines and fathoms It. When man’s nature becomes so sublimated that he can rise beyond thought to a higher and fuller state of consciousness and becomes enlightened with the Divine knowledge, it is then that he may stultify the nature of that “Higher Power”.

   ਸਤਿ ਸਤਿ ਵਰਤੈ ਗਹਿਰ ਗੰਭੀਰਾ ॥
                                               Saṯ saṯ varṯai gahir gambẖīrā.                                           
Truth was pervasive, Truth, deep, profound and unfathomable.------Guru Nanak, Raag Maru, AGGS, Page, 1023-14

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